International students as a source of labour supply: Engagement in the labour market after graduation

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The number of international students has grown considerably worldwide, primarily from developing countries to Western developed countries. In recent years, Canada has led other major Western countries in the growth of international students. The opportunity for international students to work in Canada after graduation and to potentially become permanent residents, and ultimately Canadian citizens, is considered a draw factor for prospective international students. When international students decide to stay and work in Canada after graduation, one of the main avenues to do so is through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). This article examines the trends in the number and share of international students participating in the PGWPP and the share of PGWP holders with employment income and their earnings levels. The transitions of PGWP holders to permanent residency are also examined.

Issue Number: 2021012
Volume: 1
Author(s): Crossman, Eden; Lu, Yuqian; Hou, Feng
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