Water Management on Canadian Farms - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 21-021-M2007001


The analysis contained in this article is based on results from the 2001 Farm Environmental Management Survey (FEMS). It presents information on various practices used to manage water on Canadian farms. Practices surveyed are divided in two groupings: those used to protect natural sources of water - maintaining vegetation on areas adjacent to natural sources of water, management of grazing livestock, conservation measures for natural wetland areas, and disposal of milkhouse wash water and toxic wastes; and those related to the use of water for farming and household activities types of irrigation systems and testing of domestic water.

Results show that farm practices impacting water quality and quantity are significantly used by Canadian farmers. Higher adoption rates of environmental measures could likely be achieved to reduce agriculture's environmental footprint. These results can assist governments, farmers and non-governmental organizations in targeting actions and in the promotion and development of new farm environmental programs and practices.

Issue Number: 2007001
Volume: 3
Author(s): Grimard, Julie
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