Grazing Management in Canada - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 21-021-M2005001


Grazing Management in Canada presents information on various characteristics of livestock grazing management as practised on Canadian farms. Canadian farmers are actively involved in environmental initiatives and are adopting farming practices that minimize pollution risks to air, water and soil, while contributing to the conservation of biodiversity. The FEMS results presented here provide an overview of grazing practices. However, management practices that could be protective or detrimental to the environment and that relate to grazing systems are much broader than those included in this bulletin. Further, regional differences in climate and soil quality mean that there is no "optimal" or "correct" grazing practice that is applicable throughout the whole country or even within an individual province.

In this paper, discussion focuses on farms with grazing cattle that derive 51% or more of their gross farm receipts from either beef or dairy production. Results show that grazing management practice varies by region of Canada and by farm size.

Issue Number: 2005001
Volume: 2
Author(s): Rothwell, Neil
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