The expansion of large livestock farms between 1991 and 2001 - ARCHIVED

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Over the last few years, the rapid expansion of large livestock operations has fuelled heated debates in many rural communities across Canada. Proposals for new hog operations, among others, have encountered vocal opposition from neighbours and residents in the community. Promoters defended the economic value of their project claiming that good farming practices and improved technology minimizes the potential risk of nuisance and pollution. However, opponents raised concerns about the reduction of their quality of life in association with large livestock operations, especially hog farms. They fear being driven out of their homes by strong odours or worry about accidental contamination of ground water in surrounding areas, as in Walkerton, Ontario. Still others are upset by prospects of added truck traffic, dust and noise resulting from feed and livestock transportation.

Issue Number: 2003009
Author(s): S-Beaulieu, Martin
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PDFOctober 22, 2003