The Input-Output Structure of the Canadian Economy - ARCHIVED

Tables: 15-201-X


With this publication, Statistics Canada is providing input-output (IO) accounts for all provinces and territories of Canada on an annual basis starting with the year 1997. The data are presented at the 'S' level of aggregation. This publication also contains the concordances at different levels of aggregation for the industries, commodities and categories of final demand frequently used in the accounts. Moreover, this publication contains annual data on gross domestic product at basic price, as well as the quality assurance ratings of the data.


This product has been discontinued as of November 2011. The last issue of this publication was November 2010. The data tables are available through CANSIM; tables 381-0012 and 381-0013 at CANSIM

Continues the print publication with the same title (first issue date: July 2001) commencing with the April, 2003 issue.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF (discontinued), Paper (discontinued)