The Current Price Gross Domestic Product, 1961-93, A Statistical Representation from the Old to the New - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 13F0031M2000005


This report presents the changes made to one of the most important series, the current price gross domestic product (GDP). It includes 13 tables, one for each of the following topics:

personal expenditure on consumer goods and services;
government current expenditure on goods and services;
gross fixed capital formation, residential structures;
gross fixed capital formation, non-residential structures;
gross fixed capital formation, machinery and equipment;
exports and imports of goods and services;
wages, salaries and supplementary labour income;
net income of unincorporated business;
indirect taxes;
current price GDP expenditure;
current price GDP income;
and GDP changes, significant Items.

Issue Number: 2000005
Author(s): Lal, Kishori
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PDFApril 1, 1998