Longitudinal Administrative Data (LAD)

Service: 13C0019


The Longitudinal Administrative Databank (LAD), a longitudinal sample of tax filers for the years 1982 to 2012, is made up of a wide variety of income and demographic variables. The statistics are derived primarily from the annual tax file provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The following is a partial list of LAD variables:

marital status
census family type
number and age of children
total income
wages, salaries and commissions
Employment Insurance
Old Age Security
Canada and Quebec pension plans
social assistance
investment income
rental income
support payments
registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) income and contributions
low income status
full-time education deduction
provincial refundable tax credits
goods and services tax credit
Canada Child Tax Benefit
immigrant's landing year
immigrant category
immigrant's intended occupation
immigrant's level of education at landing
Tax Free Savings Account

Frequency: Annual
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