Financial and Wealth Accounts on a from-whom-to-whom basis: selected financial instruments - ARCHIVED

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The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated how quickly economic shocks can spread between sectors and countries, making it apparent that the existing set of macroeconomic statistics contained gaps for identifying such systemic issues. Users therefore require new products from the System of National Accounts that demonstrate the financial linkages between sectors in the economy. The Special Data Dissemination Plus (SDDS+) and G20 Data Gaps initiatives were established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to address some of these data gaps, and presented specific recommendations to G20 countries. One of these recommendations asks statistical agencies to begin compiling more detailed data on the interconnectedness of the economy by incorporating a "From-Whom-To-Whom" (FWTW) framework. This FWTW framework includes statistics that make counterparty information explicit, showing how various sectors of the economy are connected by financial interdependencies. In other words, the data presented on this new basis allows users to answer the question "whom is funding whom and with what financial instruments". In this visualisation tool, we present six instruments on a FWTW basis in a fully customizable pivot table.

Issue Number: 2018001
Author(s): Young, Kathryn
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