Activities of foreign majority-owned affiliates in Canada — Provisional estimates for reference year 2011

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) - both Canadian Direct Investment Abroad (CDIA) and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada (FDIC) - is a useful indicator of Canada’s level of economic globalization, allowing some insight on how interrelated our economic infrastructure is with jurisdictions in the rest of the world. These data provide information on the first level of connectivity of international inter-corporate relationships, which are closely related to trade and fragmented global production-distribution.

Foreign Affiliate Statistics are an extension of statistics on Foreign Direction Investment. They provide additional insight of the effect on economic agents in national economies in terms of earnings, productivity, employment, trade and foreign exposures resulting from an increasingly inter-connected and integrated global economy. Inward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (FAS) describe the activities as well as financial positions of Majority-Owned Domestic Affiliates (MODAs), a subset of Canadian direct investment enterprises and their consolidated subsidiaries operating in the Canadian economy. FAS are derived from international FDI concepts and frameworks. Statistics Canada’s Inward Foreign Affiliate and Trade Statistics program is closely related to expanded estimates of outward FAS, described in a separate paper. Both inward and outward FAS are part of, and this work lays the groundwork for, the development and release of a broader set of data on the Activities of Multi-National Enterprises (AMNE). This paper presents some data development work on inward foreign affiliate statistics that is a step towards shedding light on some of these issues.

This paper found that MODAs account for a significant share of assets, operating revenues and employment in the Canadian economy. Furthermore, MODAs assumed even higher shares of exports and imports of goods and services.

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