Remaining useful service life ratios of non-residential capital stock - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 13-604-M2017085


This paper describes new estimates that are an extension of the existing Stock and Consumption of Fixed Capital Program (SCFC) and provide a short historical time series on a variety of asset classes. The main benefit of this product is that it provides information on the relationship between the timing and average age of infrastructure investments and their associated expected service lives, providing additional information on Canada’s infrastructure. It is not an all-inclusive assessment of the state of the infrastructure stock in Canada and data gaps remain. However, if interpreted correctly, they can provide useful information about requirements for infrastructure and non-infrastructure asset investment. Used as a benchmark to understand capital spending deficits or surpluses, changes over time can indicate when and where investment is required, in the context of the fiscal, economic and demographic landscape.

Issue Number: 2017085
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