Government Revenue Attributable to Tourism, 1998 - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 13-604-M2003041


This publication presents estimates of government revenues attributable to 1998 tourism. The main data sources are the Provincial and Territorial Tourism Satellite Account, the Input-Output tables and T-4 tax remittance files.

Government revenue covers receipts from
-taxes on incomes (i.e., on employment earnings, corporate profits, net income of unincorporated business and government business enterprises)
-contributions to social insurance plans (i.e., premiums for Canada/Quebec Pension Plan, Employment Insurance and Workers Compensation)
-taxes on production and products (such as sales and property taxes)
-sales of government goods and services.

These revenue sources are broken down into parts that can and cannot be attributed to tourism, for government as a whole and for the three levels of government (federal, provincial/territorial and municipal) separately. Estimates of the government revenue generated per dollar of tourism spending are reported as well.

The publication contains several summary tables showing revenues attributable to tourism by level of government and by source of revenue, as well as several appendix tables showing results by detailed industry and commodity. It also contains a discussion of the concepts, definitions, data sources and methods used in the study.

Issue Number: 2003041
Author(s): Barber-Dueck, Conrad; Zhao, Li
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PDFSeptember 19, 2003