Moving Forward on Well-being (Quality of Life) Measures in Canada

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The overall objective of this paper is to provide an overview of selected approaches to measuring and reporting well-being in Canada and internationally, and to identify opportunities to move forward with new and enhanced measures to address current social, economic and environmental issues facing Canada that may impact the well-being of its population. This report highlights six trends and proposes a range of data development and measurement activities to advance well-being measurement in the following key areas: digitization, affordability and economic uncertainty, the quality of jobs, social cohesion, neighbourhoods and the built environment and climate change.

Issue Number: 2021006
Author(s): Sanmartin, Claudia; Schellenberg, Grant; Kaddatz, Jennifer; Gellatly, Guy; Clarke, Sean; Leung, Danny; Olson, Eric; Heisz, Andrew; Van Rompaey, Catherine; Mader, Joelle
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