Alternative Measures of the Average Duration of Unemployment - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 11F0019M1995083


This paper examines the robustness of a measure of the average complete duration of unemployment in Canada to a host of assumptions used in its derivation. In contrast to the average incomplete duration of unemployment, which is a lagging cyclical indicator, this statistic is a coincident indicator of the business cycle. The impact of using a steady state as opposed to a non steady state assumption, as well as the impact of various corrections for response bias are explored. It is concluded that a non steady state estimator would be a valuable compliment to the statistics on unemployment duration that are currently released by many statistical agencies, and particularly Statistics Canada.

Issue Number: 1995083
Author(s): Corak, Miles; Heisz, Andrew
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PDFDecember 30, 1995

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