Multi-year Consolidated Plan for Research, Modelling and Data Development, 2021 to 2023 - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 11-633-X2021005


The Analytical Studies and Modelling Branch (ASMB) is the research arm of Statistics Canada mandated to provide high-quality, relevant and timely information on economic, health and social issues that are important to Canadians. The branch strategically makes use of expert knowledge and a broad range of data sources and modelling techniques to address the information needs of a broad range of government, academic and public sector partners and stakeholders through analysis and research, modeling and predictive analytics, and data development. The branch strives to deliver relevant, high-quality, timely, comprehensive, horizontal and integrated research and to enable the use of its research through capacity building and strategic dissemination to meet the user needs of policy makers, academics and the general public.

This Multi-year Consolidated Plan for Research, Modelling and Data Development outlines the priorities for the branch over the next two years.

Issue Number: 2021005
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