Retirement-Related Highlights from the 2009 Canadian Financial Capability Survey - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 11-624-M2010026


The Canadian Financial Capability Survey (CFCS), released by Statistics Canada in December 2009, was designed to collect information about Canadians' knowledge, abilities, and behaviours concerning financial decision-making. In addition to information on approaches to money management and financial planning, the CFCS collected information on issues relevant to current discussions about Canada's retirement income system. For example, retired respondents were asked about their financial standard of living in retirement and whether their retirement income is sufficient to comfortably cover their bills and financial commitments. Working-age Canadians were asked about their financial preparations for retirement. This research note provides highlights on retirement issues using the CFCS.

Issue Number: 2010026
Author(s): Ostrovsky, Yuri; Schellenberg, Grant
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