Pseudo empirical likelihood inference for multiple surveys and multiple-frame surveys - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 11-536-X200900110806


Recent work using a pseudo empirical likelihood (EL) method for finite population inferences with complex survey data focused primarily on a single survey sample, non-stratified or stratified, with considerable effort devoted to computational procedures. In this talk we present a pseudo empirical likelihood approach to inference from multiple surveys and multiple-frame surveys, two commonly encountered problems in survey practice. We show that inferences about the common parameter of interest and the effective use of various types of auxiliary information can be conveniently carried out through the constrained maximization of joint pseudo EL function. We obtain asymptotic results which are used for constructing the pseudo EL ratio confidence intervals, either using a chi-square approximation or a bootstrap calibration. All related computational problems can be handled using existing algorithms on stratified sampling after suitable re-formulation.

Issue Number: 2009001
Author(s): Rao, J.N.K.; Wu, Changbao
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CD-ROMAugust 11, 2009