A method for short-term estimation of labour input using current preliminary data from administrative sources having coverage errors - ARCHIVED

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This paper discusses in detail issues dealing with the technical aspects of designing and conducting surveys. It is intended for an audience of survey methodologists.

This paper proposes a method for short-term estimation of labour input indicators using administrative data from the Social Security Database (SSD). The rationale for developing this methodology originated from the need for national statistical offices to meet the standard quality criteria in the Regulation no. 1165/98 of the European Community concerning short-term business statistics. Information requested in the Regulation involves such a detailed disaggregation that it would be impossible to meet all the requirements through direct data collection. Administrative data, because of their timeliness and detailed coverage, represent a valuable source for obtaining estimates of business population aggregates that meet such quality requirements.

Issue Number: 2001001
Author(s): Baldi, Ciro; Falorsi, Piero Demetrio; Pallara, Alessandro; Succi, Raffaella
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CD-ROMSeptember 12, 2002
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