Building quality in Census 2000 - ARCHIVED

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This paper discusses in detail issues dealing with the technical aspects of designing and conducting surveys. It is intended for an audience of survey methodologists.

Several key strategies contributed to the success of the United States' Census 2000. This paper describes the strategy for the Address Building Process that incorporated numerous address lists and updated activities. The Field Interview Process created close to 900,000 jobs that needed to be filled. Two key strategies to achieve this are also described. The Formal Quality Control Process established principles to guide the quality assurance (QA) programs. These programs are presented, as are some of the examples of their implementation. The Coverage Measurement and Correction Process was used to increase census accuracy through the use of statistical methods. The steps taken to ensure Annual Capital Expenditures (ACE) accuracy and quality are described and the preliminary estimates of the undercount are reported.

Issue Number: 2001001
Author(s): Cummings, Janet; Hogan, Howard; Reichert, Jennifer W.; Treat, Jim; Whitford, David C.
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CD-ROMSeptember 12, 2002
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