Aligning estimates by repeated weighting - ARCHIVED

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This paper discusses in detail issues dealing with the technical aspects of designing and conducting surveys. It is intended for an audience of survey methodologists.

At Statistics Netherlands, the design and organization of the statistical process is changing rapidly, motivated by the need to produce more consistent data and to cut down the response burden. The ideas behind the new production process are the integration of all survey and administrative data into a limited number of micro-databases and the development of an estimation strategy for those databases.

This paper provides the initial incentive for an estimation strategy per micro-database. The proposed strategy ensures that all estimated m-way tables are numerically consistent with respect to common margins, even if these tables are estimated from different surveys. Although still based on the calibration principle, it is not necessarily centred on a fixed set of weights per survey. The practicability of the strategy is tested by means of a fictitious example.

Issue Number: 2001001
Author(s): Kroese, A.H.; Renssen, Robbert H.; Willeboordse, Ad
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CD-ROMSeptember 12, 2002
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