Aboriginal Community Data Initiative

Service: 10C0051


The Aboriginal Community Data Initiative provides Aboriginal communities in Western Canada with important data for use in understanding the demographic and socio-economic dynamics of their community. Community-specific data profiles are produced and provided for Indian Reserves, Indian Settlements, Métis Settlements, First Nations and other designated Aboriginal communities. 2006 Census standard data tables and custom or semi-custom tabulations are the major sources from which data are obtained. For each Aboriginal community, the data are reformatted and included along with graphs, charts, tables, descriptive and analytical text and data documentation in a published report which is provided to the community's leadership and is available to others. The report can contribute significantly to strategic planning at the community level, as well as influence public policy and support funding initiatives.

Frequency: Occasional
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The cost of each custom product is based on the time required to produce it according to the client's requirements. The hourly rate is $91.37

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