1 Data, statistical information and statistics
1.4 Exercises

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  1. Identify which items in the list are structured data and which items are unstructured data.
    1. A bank statement
    2. An email
    3. A grocery store flyer
    4. A school report
    5. Results from a web search engine
    Answer 1
  2. Find which concept is associated with each definition.
    1. Some observation units don’t have a value for one variable in a data set.
    2. Data that have been classified and interpreted.
    3. The most representative value of the units in data sets.
    4. A software that allows users to make mathematical operation on numeric data.
    5. The lag between the period of reference and the availability of the information.
    6. A data set in which a record represents only one observation unit.
    7. A visualization that combines images with statistical information to tell the story of the data.
    Answer 2
  3. Identify which of the six quality dimensions is problematic in each of the situations listed below.
    1. You found the perfect data set for a school work, but there is a cost to be able to get the data.
    2. You want to calculate the average age of people in your school, but you only have the age of the students.
    3. You want to explore a data set, but you don’t know what each variable means because the names of the variables are not explicit.
    4. You made a survey in your class to know the level of physical activity of your classmates, but some replied with a number of steps and some with a distance in kilometres. For this reason, it is hard to identify those who do the most physical activity in a week.
    Answer 3
  4. True or false?
    1. Statistics are raw materials from which the statistical information is created.
    2. In 2025, there will be fewer 15-year-old people than 45-year-old people in Canada.
    3. In the second quarter of 2019, retail sales had increased in all commodity groupings compared to the previous year.
    4. The goal of statistics is to provide useful information using numbers.
    Answer 4

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