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Industrial capacity utilization rates, fourth quarter 2023

Released: 2024-03-08

Industrial capacity use


Fourth quarter 2023

-0.1 pts decrease

(quarterly change)

Canadian industries operated at 78.7% of their production capacity in the fourth quarter, down slightly from 78.8% in the third quarter.

Capacity utilization rate in manufacturing declines

The capacity utilization rate in the manufacturing sector fell 0.7 percentage points to 76.9% in the fourth quarter. This decline was mainly due to a slowdown in petroleum and coal product manufacturing (-4.7 percentage points) and chemical manufacturing (-2.6 percentage points).

Chart 1  Chart 1: Variation by industry, in percentage points, fourth quarter of 2023 compared with third quarter of 2023
Variation by industry, in percentage points, fourth quarter of 2023 compared with third quarter of 2023

The mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction sector remains strong

Capacity utilization in the mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction sector continued its upward trend, with the rate rising 1.3 percentage points to 76.3% in the fourth quarter. This increase coincided with a rebound in oil sands extraction.

Conversely, the capacity utilization rate in construction fell 0.7 percentage points to 82.7% in the fourth quarter. Lower activity in engineering more than offset the increase in residential and non-residential building construction.

Chart 2  Chart 2: Industrial capacity utilization in non-manufacturing industries
Industrial capacity utilization in non-manufacturing industries

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  Note to readers

The industrial capacity utilization rate is the ratio of an industry's actual output to its estimated potential output.

This program covers all manufacturing industries, as well as forestry and logging; mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction; electric power generation, transmission and distribution; and construction.

For non-manufacturing industries, the quarterly pattern is derived from the output-to-capital ratio series, the output being the real gross domestic product at basic prices, seasonally adjusted, by industry.

Data have been revised back to the first quarter of 2023 to account for revisions to the source data and new estimates from the statistical model.

Next release

Data on industrial capacity utilization rates for the first quarter of 2024 will be released on June 7.


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