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Sawmills, December 2023

Released: 2024-03-04

Lumber production decreased 22.6% from November to 3 432.4 thousand cubic metres in December. Production was up 5.8% from December 2022.

Sawmills shipped 3 502.3 thousand cubic metres of lumber in December, down 18.0% from November and up 3.6% from December 2022.

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  Note to readers

These data are subject to revision and are not seasonally adjusted.

Data from January to December 2022 in table 16-10-0017-01 have been revised.

Data from January to December 2022 in table 16-10-0046-01 have been revised.

Data from June 2016 to December 2018 in table 16-10-0045-01 have been revised.

The "Sawmills" monthly survey measures the quantities of lumber produced and shipped by Canadian manufacturers.

In January 2019, a number of changes were made to the questionnaire and to the sampling and estimation methods for the monthly survey. As a result, table 16-10-0017-01 has replaced table 16-10-0045-01 from January 2019 onward. Data on wood chips are still published in table 16-10-0046-01. Statistically modelled data from January 2014 to December 2018 are available in tables 16-10-0017-01 and 16-10-0046-01.

The main changes to this survey include modifications to the questionnaire to obtain data on shipments of lumber for each species of wood and a breakdown of wood chip data into hardwood and softwood. The number of sawmills surveyed has also been increased. All sawmills in Canada classified under North American Industry Classification System code 321111 are now surveyed, except the smallest (i.e., those that, together, comprise the bottom 5% of total revenues per region).


Table 16-10-0018-01, "Canadian lumber exports by mode of transportation," is available. This table contains annual data by province and territory from 1999 to 2023. It replaces Table 9 from the monthly publication Sawmills (Catalogue number35-003-X), which was discontinued in October 2017.

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