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Travel between Canada and other countries, June 2023

Released: 2023-08-23


In June, the number of non-resident visitors to Canada and returning Canadian residents accounted for 83.0% of the number observed in June 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents of overseas countries took 699,900 trips to Canada in June 2023, and US residents took 2.6 million trips. At the same time, Canadian residents returned from 3.4 million trips abroad.

Vacations by cruise remained popular, as Canadian residents took 21,000 cruise trips.

To further explore current and historical data in an interactive format, please visit the Frontier Counts: Interactive Dashboard.

Overseas visitors to Canada

In June, 699,900 overseas residents arrived in Canada, up 50.8% from the 464,100 overseas arrivals in June 2022 and reaching 78.7% of the number of overseas arrivals in June 2019, before the pandemic.

Over two-fifths (304,300) of overseas visitors arrived from Europe in June 2023, up 24.4% from June 2022 (244,700) and reaching 80.4% of the number of trips to Canada by European residents in June 2019 (378,400).

The number of overseas visitors from Asia was 206,900 in June 2023, more than double that seen in June 2022 (99,000) and representing 69.0% of the number observed in June 2019 (299,800).

US-resident trips to Canada

In June 2023, US residents took 2.6 million trips to Canada, up 52.6% from the 1.7 million trips taken in June 2022 and reaching 87.8% of the number of trips taken during the same month in 2019.

Total US-resident arrivals by land (1.7 million) in June 2023 increased by 61.3% from June 2022 (1.0 million). Of arrivals by land in June 2023, 1.6 million were trips taken by automobile, 48,200 by bus, 23,700 by train and 22,700 by pedestrians. Over two-fifths (42.3%) of arrivals by automobile were same-day returns.

Canadian-resident trips to the United States

Canadian residents returned from 2.8 million trips to the United States in June 2023, an increase of 40.2% from June 2022 (2.0 million) and reaching 79.8% of the level from the same month in 2019.

Of the total return trips by Canadian residents in June 2023, 2.0 million were by automobile, two-thirds (66.7%, or 1.4 million) of which were same-day returns.

The number of Canadian-resident return trips from the United States by air was 645,200, increasing by 43.9% from the 448,500 trips recorded in June 2022. In June 2023, the number of return trips by air was 1.0% higher than the pre-pandemic level observed in June 2019.

Canadian residents travelling overseas

In June 2023, Canadian residents took 653,100 return trips overseas, up 14.3% from the same month in 2022 (571,700). The number of Canadian-resident trips overseas in June 2023 corresponded to 83.7% of its pre-pandemic June 2019 level (780,600).

Cruise vacations remain popular

In June 2023, vacations by cruise continued to be popular, as Canadian residents took 21,000 cruise trips, up 39.7% from June 2019. US residents took 271,900 cruise trips in June 2023, exceeding the 209,000 trips taken in the same month in 2019 by 30.1%. Overseas residents took 32,300 trips by cruise in June 2023, reaching 81.7% of the 39,500 trips reported in June 2019.

  Note to readers

Complete Frontier Counts data are now available for March 2023 and tables 24-10-0050-01, 24-10-0051-01, 24-10-0053-01, 24-10-0054-01 and 24-10-0055-01 have been updated.

To align with the variant of the Standard Classification of Countries and Areas of Interest 2019 for travel statistics, the following territories have been realigned: British Indian Ocean Territory, Eastern Africa; Christmas Island, Micronesia; Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Micronesia; and Norfolk Island, Melanesia.

Additional levels of aggregation for traveller characteristics are now available in table 24-10-0053-01.

Starting with the January 2022 release, all estimates, including those in Table 1, are based on unadjusted counts only. Seasonally adjusted data continue to be available online in tables 24-10-0051-01 and 24-10-0054-01.

Seasonally adjusted data for February to May 2023 have been revised. No revisions were made to data that were not seasonally adjusted.

For more current estimates of international arrivals to Canada, please see the "Leading indicator of international arrivals to Canada" for the July 2023 reference month.

Readers are encouraged to review the concepts, definitions, data sources, methods and summary of changes for Frontier Counts, as well as explanatory notes for online tables, especially when making historical comparisons and examining specific regions.

Overseas countries refer to countries other than Canada or the United States.

A Canadian resident visitor is a Canadian resident traveller whose trip purpose outside Canada is related to tourism and whose trip duration is less than one year.

A non-resident visitor is a traveller to Canada whose country of residence is not Canada, whose trip purpose is related to tourism and whose trip duration is less than one year.


The June 2023 issue of International Travel: Advance Information (Catalogue number66-001-P) is now available.

The product "Frontier Counts: Interactive Dashboard," part of the Data Visualization Products series (Catalogue number71-607-X), is also available.

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