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Non-resident ownership rates by census subdivision in New Brunswick, 2019

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Map description

The title of the map is "Non-resident ownership rates by census subdivision in New Brunswick, 2019"

This figure displays a map of New Brunswick along with a close-up map of the province's islands on the Bay of Fundy. The census subdivisions (CSDs) in the province are coloured from light blue to dark purple based on ranges of non-resident ownership rates. The darker the colour, the higher the rate of non-resident ownership associated with the CSD.

Category 1 is coloured light blue and represents rates between 0% and 5.0%. It comprises 210 CSDs.

Category 2 is coloured medium blue and represents rates between 5.1% and 10.0%. It comprises 34 CSDs.

Category 3 is coloured indigo and represents rates between 10.1% and 15.0%. It comprises 6 CSDs.

Category 4 is coloured medium purple and represents rates between 15.1% and 25.0%. It comprises 4 CSDs.

Category 5 is coloured dark purple and represents rates between 25.1% and 45.0%. It comprises 1 CSD.

Category 6 is coloured pale grey and is used for all areas within Canada outside New Brunswick.

Finally, category 7 is coloured medium grey and is used for the State of Maine in the USA.

Source: Table 46-10-0054-01.

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