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Natural gas transmission, storage and distribution, October 2018

Released: 2018-12-21

Natural gas transmission pipelines received 560.7 million gigajoules of natural gas from fields, gathering systems and plants in October, up 1.0% from the same month in 2017. The vast majority of receipts were in Alberta (70.2%) and British Columbia (27.6%).

In October, natural gas transmission and distribution systems delivered 225.3 million gigajoules to industrial consumers, 39.2 million gigajoules to residential consumers and 35.8 million gigajoules to commercial and institutional consumers.

Chart 1  Chart 1: Canadian monthly natural gas deliveries
Canadian monthly natural gas deliveries

Canadian natural gas distribution systems reported $312.7 million in revenues from residential consumers and $190.3 million from commercial and institutional consumers in October.

Provincial deliveries

Alberta deliveries of natural gas totalled 176.1 million gigajoules in October. The vast majority (87.0%) were delivered to the industrial sector, which accounted for 51.0% of all natural gas delivered in Canada.

Natural gas transmission and distribution systems delivered 226.6 million gigajoules of natural gas to Western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia) in October. Of this total, 23.1 million gigajoules were delivered to the residential sector, which accounted for 59.0% of deliveries to residential consumers in Canada.


Opening inventories of natural gas held in Canadian facilities totalled 902.2 million gigajoules in October. During the month, inventories rose 6.7% to close at 962.3 million gigajoules. Opening to closing inventories increased for the sixth consecutive month in preparation for higher winter demand.

Chart 2  Chart 2: Canadian monthly natural gas inventories
Canadian monthly natural gas inventories

Exports and imports

Canadian exports of natural gas by pipeline to the United States totalled 227.9 million gigajoules in October.

Exports from British Columbia were the lowest since the data series began in January 2016, down 6.1% from October 2017. This was mainly the result of a pipeline explosion near Prince George, British Columbia, on October 9, 2018.

Imports to Canada from the United States totalled 65.1 million gigajoules in October.

Chart 3  Chart 3: Canadian imports and exports of natural gas
Canadian imports and exports of natural gas

  Note to readers

In early 2019, this Daily article will be part of a new consolidated monthly energy release where data from multiple monthly energy surveys will be released on the same day.


As of reference month January 2016, the term marketable natural gas was replaced by the current term, natural gas from fields, gas-gathering systems and gas plants.

Natural gas deliveries (termed "sales" in releases prior to January 2016) include deliveries to industrial, commercial and institutional, and residential consumers.

Opening inventories correspond to inventories as of the first day of the reference month, while closing inventories correspond to inventories as of the last day of the reference month. For example, the reference period for the opening inventory in January was January 1, while the reference period for the closing inventory was January 31.

Pipeline fuel is used to power compressors to move gas through pipelines.

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