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Informatics professional services price indexes, 2017

Released: 2018-12-18

The informatics professional services price indexes (IPSPI) are now available for 2017. Three of the four indexes increased in 2017, following price gains in all indexes the previous year.

The price index for computer systems design and related services (+7.2%) posted the largest gain, following a slight increase in 2016 (+0.3%). Prices for software and software licensing (+1.7%) and for data processing, hosting, and related services (+1.1%) also rose in 2017.

Conversely, prices for custom software design and development services (-2.7%) declined in 2017, following a 3.7% increase in 2016. This was the first decrease in any of the IPSPI since the series began in 2015.

  Note to readers

The Informatics Professional Services Price Indexes (IPSPI) is an annual survey that collects information on hourly billing rates to measure price movements in various informatics professional services industries.

The IPSPI measures annual price changes for various informatics services such as data processing and hosting; software and software licensing; computer system design services; and custom software design services.

With each release, data for the previous year may have been revised. Updated, new, or delinquent survey data are incorporated and may result in statistical revisions.

Data are available for the Canada level only. The indexes are not seasonally adjusted.

With the release of 2016 data, a number of important changes have been introduced to increase the relevance of the IPSPI.

The indexes are now produced based on charge-out rates by professional level, as well as revenue breakdowns for targeted services based on the feedback received from consultations with respondents. As a result of the change in methodology, data under the new program was collected for the reference period 2016, and for the prior year to ensure that there is an overlap year available to users.

Starting with the 2016 reference year, the indexes are disseminated under the North American Product Classification System. This classification of products (goods and service) is designed primarily for use in statistical programs. It is Statistics Canada's official standard for the collection, processing and dissemination of product statistics in its economic, business and trade statistics programs.

The price index for Internet publishing and broadcasting, and web search portals is now discontinued—while a new price index for custom software design and development services is now available.

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