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Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index, first quarter 2018

Released: 2018-05-11

The Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index (TASPI) decreased 2.9% in the first quarter compared with the previous quarter. This was the eighth consecutive year where prices have fallen in the first quarter, reflecting lower seasonal demand for accommodation services during the winter months.

Lower prices for both leisure (-3.3%) and business (-2.6%) clients were responsible for the decline.

Prices for traveller accommodation services decreased in eight provinces. Lower prices in Ontario (-6.7%) and Quebec (-7.8%) contributed the most to the decrease. Higher accommodation prices in British Columbia (+4.9%) moderated the drop.

Chart 1  Chart 1: Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index
Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index

Leisure clients pay lower prices in seven provinces

Prices paid by leisure clients declined 3.3% at the Canada level, largely due to lower prices in Ontario (-8.7%) and Quebec (-6.4%). Higher prices in British Columbia (+3.3%) partially offset the decrease.

The price index for business clients falls in eight provinces

Business client prices fell 2.6% at the Canada level, mainly due to decreases in Ontario (-4.8%), Quebec (-9.2%) and Alberta (-3.3%). The decline was moderated by higher prices for business clients in British Columbia (+7.0%).

Year-over-year change

The TASPI increased 1.0% in the first quarter compared with the same quarter in 2017. Higher prices for business clients (+3.6%) led the rise, while leisure prices fell 1.5%.

The index rose in four provinces and all three territories. Higher prices in British Columbia (+8.0%) and Ontario (+2.3%) drove the annual increase. The gains were moderated by lower prices in Quebec (-5.7%) and Alberta (-2.5%).

  Note to readers

The Traveller Accommodation Services Price Index (TASPI) measures the monthly and quarterly price movements of short-term accommodation services. This index reflects changes in room rates (excluding all taxes) and covers hotel and motel lodging services.

Separate index aggregations are available for Canada, the economic regions, provinces and territories, by major client group.

The contribution of a given sub-aggregate to the composite price change depends on both the price change exhibited by the sub-aggregate and on its importance in the basket, as measured by the weight.

The index is not subject to revision and is not seasonally adjusted.

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