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Connecting Stats, Stories and People

Released: 2017-11-27

This month, Connecting Stats, Stories and People features an interview with Dr. Andrew J. Leach, Associate Professor from the University of Alberta's School of Business.

Dr. Leach is one of the country's leading voices on environmental economics and climate change policy. His research is informed by a variety of data sources—including Statistics Canada—on topics such as trade, shipments and refinery activities. In this work, he continues to identify where environmental and trade policy are informed by data, and where new methods and increased collaboration are needed. As technological change and the sources of data continue to expand, Statistics Canada is ready to lead and adapt, and to move our economy and society forward.

  Note to readers

Published monthly, Connecting Stats, Stories and People features compelling interviews with key data users and stakeholders on how, together, we tell Canada's story in numbers. To mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation, this blog will highlight the views of historians, genealogists, academics, students, and others throughout 2017. For more information about our program of activities to mark Canada 150, visit Telling Canada's story in numbers.


The November 2017 edition of Connecting Stats, Stories and People, "Towards a green energy future fueled by data with Andrew Leach of the University of Alberta," is now available.

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