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Research and development personnel, 2014

Released: 2017-07-27

There were 243,570 full-time equivalent research and development personnel in Canada in 2014, up 7.5% from 2013. This gain was primarily the result of a 13.3% increase in research and development personnel in the business enterprise sector.

  Note to readers

Research and development (R&D) personnel counts are rounded to the nearest 10 and reported as full-time equivalents. Full-time equivalent is a measure of the time actually devoted to R&D. An employee who is engaged in R&D for half a year has a full-time equivalence of 0.5.

R&D personnel encompass a variety of occupations that are classified into three categories according to the Frascati Manual (2015): researchers, technicians and support staff.

Researchers are professionals engaged in the conception or creation of new knowledge. They conduct research and improve or develop concepts, models and methods. Managers and administrators who plan and manage the scientific and technical aspects of a researcher's work, as well as graduate students, are also included.

Technicians and equivalent staff perform scientific and technical tasks involving the application of concepts and operational methods in one or more fields of natural sciences and engineering or social sciences, humanities and the arts, normally under the supervision of researchers.

Support staff includes skilled and unskilled craftsmen, and administrative, secretarial and clerical staff directly associated with R&D projects.

Commencing with 2014 data, the business enterprise research and development sector's statistical program concepts and methodology were redesigned. Users should therefore exercise caution when comparing 2014 data with historical datasets.

There are five performing sectors in Canada's R&D Personnel release: business enterprise, private non-profit, higher education, federal government and provincial government (which includes provincial research organizations).

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