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Gross domestic product, income and expenditure, second quarter 2016

CANSIM tables

Filtered results

Flows and stocks of fixed non-residential and residential capital, by sector and asset, Canada (quarterly)


Gross domestic product, income-based (quarterly)


Gross domestic product, expenditure-based (quarterly)


Gross national income and gross domestic income (quarterly)


Price indexes, gross domestic product (quarterly)


Household final consumption expenditure (quarterly)


Gross fixed capital formation (quarterly)


Investment in inventories (quarterly)


Exports and imports of goods and services (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - National (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - Households (quarterly)


Selected indicators - Households (quarterly)


Compensation of employees (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - Non-profit institutions serving households (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - Corporations (quarterly)


Undistributed corporation profits (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - General governments (quarterly)


Revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance - General governments (quarterly)


Revenue, expenditure and budgetary balance - Provincial administration, education and health (quarterly)


Current and capital accounts - Non-residents (quarterly)


Gross domestic income, gross national income and net national income (quarterly)


Gross domestic product at 2007 constant prices, expenditure-based (quarterly)


Detailed household final consumption expenditure (quarterly)


Corporation profits before taxes, on an original-cost-basis, excluding government business enterprises (quarterly)


Property income of households (quarterly)


General governments final consumption expenditure (quarterly)


Wages, salaries and employers' social contributions (monthly)


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