Table 1 
Registrations in registered apprenticeship programs, 2013 

Registrations in registered apprenticeship programs, 2013
  Registered apprenticeship programs Percentage share of all registrations
  number %
Total registrations 469,680 100.0
Already registered 366,858 78.1
New registrations 95,058 20.2
Reinstatements 7,767 1.7
Red Seal trades 362,997 77.3
Already registered 286,191 60.9
New registrations 69,783 14.9
Reinstatements 7,023 1.5
Non-Red Seal trades 106,683 22.7
Already registered 80,667 17.2
New registrations 25,272 5.4
Reinstatements 744 0.2
  • Provinces and territories make operational and administrative changes related to the training and certification of the trades within their jurisdictions. Changes have occurred in all provinces and territories since 1991 that affect historical comparisons. For the 2013 reporting period in particular, these changes had a substantial impact on all data collected by the survey, including the number of registrations, participation in Red Seal and non-Red Seal apprenticeship programs and certificates awarded. Interpretation of the data should be made within the context of these administrative and operational changes. For further information on federal, provincial and territorial changes, see the Registered Apprenticeship Information System Guide.
  • Sums do not add to up total as a result of rounding.
CANSIM table 477-0053.
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