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Chart 4 
Consumer prices rise in all provinces

Bar clustered chart – Chart 4: Consumer prices rise in all provinces

Chart description

The title of the graph is "Consumer prices rise in all provinces."
This is a bar clustered chart.
This is a horizontal bar graph, so categories are on the vertical axis and values on the horizontal axis.
There are in total 11 categories in the vertical axis. The horizontal axis starts at -0.5 and ends at 4.5 with ticks every 0.5 points.
There are 2 series in this graph.
The horizontal axis is "12-month % change."
The vertical axis is "Canada and the provinces."
The title of series 1 is " February."
The minimum value is -0.3 and it corresponds to "British Columbia."
The maximum value is 2.7 and it corresponds to "Prince Edward Island."
The title of series 2 is " March."
The minimum value is 0.1 and it corresponds to "British Columbia."
The maximum value is 3.9 and it corresponds to "Alberta."

Consumer prices rise in all provinces, 12-month % change
  February March
Canada 1.1 1.5
Newfoundland and Labrador 1.4 2
Prince Edward Island 2.7 3
Nova Scotia 1.3 1.7
New Brunswick 1.1 1.5
Quebec 0.4 0.9
Ontario 1.5 1.5
Manitoba 2.2 2.3
Saskatchewan 2.3 2.8
Alberta 2.4 3.9
British Columbia -0.3 0.1
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