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Table 3 
Online activities from any location, 2012

Online activities from any location, 2012
  Internet users
E-mail 93
Window shopping or browsing for information on goods or services 77
Electronic banking (e.g., paying bills, viewing statements, transferring funds between accounts) 72
Reading or watching the news 71
Using social networking sites 67
Searching for medical or health-related information 67
Travel information or making travel arrangements 66
Visiting or interacting with government websites 63
Researching community events 58
Downloading or watching movies or video clips online 54
Obtaining or saving music (free or paid downloads) 50
Making telephone calls online 43
Using an instant messenger 40
Downloading or watching TV online 39
Listening to the radio online 38
Obtaining or saving software (free or paid downloads) 38
Formal education, training or school work 37
Searching for employment 36
Playing online games 35
Researching investments 27
Contributing content or participating in discussion groups (e.g., blogging, message boards, posting images) 24
Selling goods or services (e.g., through auction sites) 23
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