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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Prices and price indexes

Industrial product and raw materials price indexes, April 2024

The Industrial Product Price Index rose 1.5% month over month in April 2024 and increased 1.4% year over year. The Raw Materials Price Index increased 5.5% on a monthly basis in April 2024 and was 3.1% higher compared with April 2023.

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Accessibility in Canada: Results from the 2022 Canadian Survey on Disability

In support of National AccessAbility week, Statistics Canada is releasing "A demographic, employment and income profile of persons with disabilities aged 15 years and over in Canada, 2022." The report provides a comprehensive overview of disability characteristics among Canadians, as well as key information on unmet needs for disability supports.

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Economic accounts

Environmental and Clean Technology Products Economic Account: Human Resource Module, 2022

In 2022, environmental and clean technology (ECT) activity generated 327,506 employee jobs in the Canadian economy, up 1.3% from the previous year, surpassing pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. The ECT sector represented 1.6% of all jobs in Canada in 2022.

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Aircraft movement and civil aviation statistics, March 2024

In March, Canada's major and select small airports recorded a total of 444,180 aircraft movements, virtually unchanged (-0.3%) from March 2023. Local movements declined 1.4% year over year to 144,524, partially offset by a 0.3% increase in itinerant movements, which rose to 299,656.

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Quarterly civil aviation statistics, fourth quarter 2023

Total operating revenue in the fourth quarter reached $8.0 billion, up 13.0% compared with the fourth quarter of 2022.

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Business and consumer services and culture

Data availability: Real estate rental and leasing and property management industries, 2022

Data on the real estate rental and leasing and property management industries are now available for 2022.

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New products

Videos - Statistics Canada: "Accessibility In Canada: Results from the 2022 Canadian Survey on Disability, American Sign Language"

Catalogue number Catalogue number11-629-X2024002, (HTML)

Statistics Canada - Data Visualization Products: "Architectural, Engineering and Related Services Price Index: Data Visualization Tool"

Catalogue number Catalogue number71-607-X2020004, (HTML)

Statistics Canada - Data Visualization Products: "Aviation Data Visualization Hub: Monthly Civil Aviation Indicators"

Catalogue number Catalogue number71-607-X2024006, (HTML)

Statistics Canada - Data Visualization Products: "Aviation Data Visualization Hub: Aircraft Movements"

Catalogue number Catalogue number71-607-X2024007, (HTML)

Statistics Canada - Data Visualization Products: "Barriers to accessibility among persons with disabilities in Canada"

Catalogue number Catalogue number71-607-X2024018, (HTML)

Reports on Disability and Accessibility in Canada: "A demographic, employment and income profile of persons with disabilities aged 15 years and over in Canada, 2022"

Catalogue number Catalogue number89-654-X2024001, (HTML | PDF)

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