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This list will help users locate corrections and updates that may be found in various 2006 Census of Agriculture products, after being released, due to errors, whether related to data or metadata.

Revision date Census of Agriculture product affected Level
October 26, 2010 The French digital boundary files and cartographic boundary files for the census agricultural regions have been replaced. Some descriptions in the CARNAME variable contained English text instead of French. This does not affect the boundaries. Catalogue no. 92-174-X
June 2, 2009 Agriculture-Population Linkage Data for the 2006 Census of Agriculture – Table 3.2 and Table 3.3, the last row label changed to read "Zero income". Low
July 28, 2008 Selected Historical Data from the Census of Agriculture – Table 5.1, the percentage numbers have been adjusted to one decimal precision from whole numbers. Low
February 13, 2008 Farm Data and Farm Operator Data – Table 4.9-4 title corrected to include "solid" to match the variable – Number of farms reporting solid manure incorporated into soil, by area and land use, 2005. Low
December 17, 2007 Farm Data and Farm Operator Data – Table 9.1 Characteristics of farm operators for the territories. High
December 17, 2007 Census of Agriculture Internet module information on the Statistics Canada website – Geographic amalgamation and their components for Alberta: the code 486012005 received the wrong name, corrected name is Lakeland County. Low